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Putting the Whole Picture Together

"Working with Beacon Financial Group is a unique experience. By providing concierge level of service to our clients, our financial planning process puts the emphasis on you and your needs, not on a prepackaged set of solutions or ideas."


We do not claim to be all things to people. We are referred to and work with high net-worth business owners, professionals, executives and retirees - people who are responsible, respected leaders in their industries, professions and communities.

We are committed to quality relationships over the quantity of clients. We have grown our business through referrals and satisfied clients.

By limiting our scope, we have developed a detailed understanding of the unique problems and opportunities that our clients face. This focus allows us to be uniquely qualified to help our clients toward achieving their financial goals.


Many of our clients have trusted long-term advisors - a CPA, attorney, and/or banker - who have helped you with your planning (wills, trusts, business agreements).

While each of your existing advisors is a focused specialist, we work at coordinating all the different aspects of your financial planning with your advisors.

It is this coordination that ensures success toward reaching your financial goals.


Because your personal situation, objectives and tax laws are not static, the financial plan you develop today will rarely meet all of your needs in the future.

In working closely with you and your other advisors, our team will ensure that your situation stays current relative to your:

  • personal and financial situation
  • business situation
  • impact on your current plan
  • recommend alternatives as necessary

This often ignored step is critical to help ensure the long term benefit of the financial planning process for you and your family.